Ultimate Troubleshooting Checklist, or why are my cross sells not working?

Saved changes to assigned Cross Sells or Settings can sometimes take up to 30 seconds to show up. When in doubt try hard refreshing (holding down ⌘ Cmd on MacOS (Ctrl on Windows) + the ⇧ Shift key + R) on your product or cart pages.


1.1) Have you added our snippet (one line of code) to your product and cart templates?

1.2) Are the items selected as cross sells published to your online sales channel? Products assigned as cross sells need to be published to your online sales channel in order to show on your store.

1.3) If stock awareness is checked ON in our Settings -> Theme, then items soldout or out-of-stock will NOT show up until this has been disabled.

If you don't have the above option, your "Cross Sell version" might be 1.0 (check our app's <strong>Account </strong>section), in this case you will need to upgrade to the latest version of Cross Sell. Please <a href="https://help.csell.co/support/tickets/new" rel="noreferrer" target="_blank">contact us to upgrade</a>.

1.4) If you have assigned more items than you are seeing as cross sells, please go to our app's Settings and check the "Limit Cross Sells" option in your Product Page or Cart Page Settings.


2.1) If your popup is not triggering after turning it on in Settings -> Quickview & Upsell Popup, please read our Popup Troubleshooting Guide

2.2) For any layout or style issues preventing the adding of items to the cart, or causing issues with your customer's experience, please turn cross sells OFF first and email us to [email protected].

For customization requests, please read this first

If you're still not seeing cross sells after going through this list, please GET IN TOUCH.

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