How to install Cross Sell on your store (adding Cross Sell in your liquid templates)?

The Cross Sell snippet is added to your theme files automatically. Sometimes this doesn't happen, because some themes use different names to identify their files; especially the product and cart files, which is where the Cross Sell snippet is added. 

Upon installation, the app searches for these files: 

  • "product.liquid" / "product-template.liquid"
  • "cart.liquid" / "cart-template.liquid" 

If any of these files exist, then the snippet would be added to them. If not, then the snippet would have to be manually added to the product and cart theme files.

Manually adding the Cross Sell snippet

Before you can use Cross Sell, you'll need to add one line of liquid code to your theme's product and cart templates (cross sells will NOT show if this is not done).

This will only take a few minutes, and 
we can help you do it if you are not sure how to proceed.

Can you install Cross Sell yourself?

YES: I or my developer know basic HTML, can navigate through my theme's templates & can add the code ourselves  

NO: Open an Install Request for our team to install the code on your theme

* if you're using a page builder app like GEMpages, follow these steps to add our liquid snippet:

** if you're using Shogun to build templates, you will only be able to add our code snippet if you are on the PAID version of Shogun. To add our code to your product template, create a custom liquid element with these instructions: and then embed our snippet to the end of your product template (or wherever you need it)

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