How to install our Cross Sell code on your theme (this is REQUIRED)

Have you installed Cross Sell from the Shopify Appstore but your cross sells & popup aren't showing? DON'T PANIC! You just need to add our snippet (one line of code below): 

{% include 'cross-sell' %}

to your product and cart templates (i.e. main-cart-items.liquid, main-product, etc). Without this essential step, you might think our app is broken! 

We would first need to know which template renders our product page, and the same for our cart pages. Below are some of the variations for Shopify theme's product and cart templates:

These are only a few of the variations. Once you've identified your product and cart templates, go ahead and add the snippet at the end

3 minute install video below 

Using GEMpages, Shogun or Pagefly for your templates?

- For GEMpages, add our liquid code via these instructions:

- For Shogun, please read this:

- For Pagefly, please read this:


Something not working or showing up? Please read our Ultimate Troubleshooting Checklist.


Please be aware that for the time being, cross sells can not be shown on drawer/slider type cart pages. If you are willing to change your cart to a cart of type "page", we are happy to look into it for you. Get in touch!

Not sure if you should change your cart? Read this:

Changing the location

Not sure where to put the code snippet if you have a Theme with Sections & Templates? 

-> Check the suggested locations table here. Need cross sells placed somewhere else but you are not tech saavy? Get in touch.

IMPORTANT NOTE: if you've installed Cross Sell before February 2nd, 2018 you might have version1 of our app. In case you have version1 (you can verify this in our app's Account section), please get in touch as you might have custom code that needs updating. You might also want to read on why to upgrade :) 

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