How to setup and use the Upsell Feature

The Upsell feature offers you more options for displaying your cross sells on your Product pages, Cart pages and Upsell Pop-up.

*Please note that Upsells will only display products that are of a Higher Price than the main product*

You can assign your cross sells by going to Assign->Upsell then assign the products as you would for handpicked.

To activate the Upsell feature in your store and set the heading, you can do so in 2 areas, Product Page and Cart Page:

For the Product page, Go to Settings->General then scroll down to the General Settings->Product Pages section.

For the Cart page, Go to  Settings->General then scroll down to the Cart page section.

When the Upsells are displayed in your Product pages and Cart pages, they will appear below the normal Handpicked/Global cross sells that you normally display on your page.

Upsells can also be displayed on the Quickview & Upsell Pop-up and here is how you activate them to show on the Pop-up. Go to Settings->Quickview & Upsell Pop-up then scroll down to the Upsell Pop-up section.

Here is a video:

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