Frequently Bought Together

Our Frequently Bought Together, feature, lets you select up to 3 products to bundle together at a price of your choice. The first product is your main product, the product that you want to promote the most. When a customer purchases all products in the bundle, a special price is applied.

Frequently Bought Together products are independent of the Handpicked or Upsells functionality - so, you can assign new products without affecting the selected Cross-Sells or UpSells.

Setting up Frequently Bought Together

To set up The Frequently Bought Together section just follow these simple steps:

  • First, go to your Cross-Sell admin panel, and under the settings section, make sure the "Show Frequently Bought Together on Product Pages" is selected:


After enabling the "Show Frequently Bought Together on Product Pages", you will see an option to change the title for the Frequently Bought together section; you change the title to suit your needs, leave the default title or Leave the field blank to hide the heading for the Frequently Bought Together section.

  • After enabling the option in the settings section, go to the assign section and choose Frequently Bought Together:

Click on either the Plus sign right next to the product image or on the Assign Bundles Button to select the products for your bundle. 

Clicking on the plus sign will let you assign the products in an inline form on the same window:

Clicking on the "Assign Bundles" button will open a new window.

After selecting the products for your bundle, click on the "Minus Sign" or click the "Save" button, depending on the option selected for assigning the bundle products.

Back in your Assign Frequently Bought Together page, click on the Dollar Sign Button to set the price for the bundle:

A new window will pop up, where you can set the price for the bundle and change the title for the bundle:

And that's it! Your customers will now be able to see the Frequently Bought Together items you Bundled on your Store's Product pages.

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