I've created a custom template for my product but Cross Sells won't display.

The Cross Sell snippet code begins with this line:

 {% if template == 'product' %} 

If the template you are using is named anything other than 'product.liquid' then Cross Sell will not display on that page.

To allow Cross Sell to show up on your product pages that use custom templates you'll need to make one simple change to this code:

 {% if template contains 'product' %} 

By changing the double equals (==) to the word contains you are now free to display Cross Sell on any product using a custom template with product in its name.

For example product.new.liquid will work just fine.

If you would like us to make this change to the snippet code for you then please contacting us at support@csell.co and use 'custom template' as the subject.

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