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How do I make sure Cross Sell is installed on my store's theme?

Have you installed Cross Sell from the Shopify Appstore but your cross sells & popup aren't showing? DON'T PANIC! You just need to add our snippet (the one line of code below): 

{% include 'cross-sell' %}

to your product and cart templates. Without this essential step, you might think our app is broken! 

3 minute install video below (PS: Don't forget to open Cross Sell from your store's Apps FIRST, as this will add the cross-sell.liquid file to your live theme)

1) Not sure where to put the code snippet if you have a Theme with Sections & Templates? 

Check the suggested locations table here.

2) Are your cart cross sells not showing or is your Upsell Popup not working? 

Read our cart help or popup troubleshooting article.

3) Need help installing, moving cross sells to a specific place or have questions? 

Get in touch by opening a help request :D

4) If you're using a page builder app like GEMpages, follow these steps to ad our liquid snippet:

IMPORTANT NOTE: if you've installed Cross Sell before February 2nd, 2018 you might have version1 of our app. In case you have version1 (you can verify this in our app's Account section), please get in touch as you might have custom code that needs updating. You might also want to read on why to upgrade :) 

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