How do I setup Global Cross Sells?

-> Step1: Decide how you want to manage Global Cross Sells for Products

1.1 Click on Settings 

1.2 By default, Global Cross Sells, once selected, ONLY show on product pages IF NO HANDPICKED Cross Sells exist. If you wish to change this, you can do so by changing the options on the section titled "Product Detail Page Settings

-> Step2: Decide how you want to manage Global Cross Sells for the Cart page

By default, Global Cross Sells are shown for products on the cart page ONLY if they do not have Handpicked Cross Sells. If you want to change this so that Global Cross Sells show ALWAYS on the cart page when products are added, then please get in touch with us so that we can turn this feature off on your theme.

-> Step3: Configure Global Cross Sells for your Product pages

3.1 On the dashboard, click on "Global Product Cross Sells"

3.2 On the filter on the left of the app, choose "Only Published products", and then click on "Save"

-> Step4: Configure Global Cross Sells for your Cart page

4.1 On the dashboard page, click on "Global Cart Cross Sells"

4.2 Repeat step 3.2 (above) for the Global Cart Cross Sells and then click Save.

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