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How to upgrade to version 3 of Cross Sell, and what to expect

Hi there! If you're on v1 of Cross Sell (you can check this in the app's Account section) and want to upgrade to take advantage of v3's new features, follow these steps:

->  Open a new ticket with us and choose "Upgrade" in type (very important you choose Upgrade), OR email us with the subject line "upgrade" (very important you write "upgrade" in the subject line) AND include the url of your store in the subject and description of the email.

-> Once we've received your request, we will reply back with a payment link to upgrade your plan. After you've paid, we will then proceed to turn off cross sells while we update your theme with new code. Don't worry! Your data will not be lost, and we will test the update on a duplicate theme before implementing on your live theme ;) 

Also, if you have very custom code that's been integrated with other apps and we can't get it to work, we will downgrade you and provide a refund. The refund and downgrade option, is only valid for the first 20 days.

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