How do I customize or change the color of my cross sells to match my theme?

1) To change the color of or text of buttons in our app, read this -> 

2) For anything else, woffer a 
free customization service. This includes helping changing the position of cross sells (below thumbnails, under the Add to Cart button, top of the cart page, etc), fonts styles/colors, and image sizes. For requests that are out-of-scope, we encourage you to reach out to our partner Storetasker, who will help customize your cross sells to your desired specifications -> 

3) If you know basic HTML & CSS, or have a developer, you can customize cross sells with an override file. Here's how: 

3.1) check the version of Cross Sell you are running. This can be done in the Account section of our app

3.2a) If you're on version 1 (you're probably on this version if you installed prior to February 2, 2018), you can customize your cross sells by modifying the CSS styles and/or the content of the xsoutput variable in the file named cross-sell.liquid in the Snippets folder of your theme. If we've customized your cross sells before, you might have a file named cross-sell-custom.liquid instead.

3.2b) If you're on Version 2 or higher (you're probably on this version if you installed after Feb2, 2018), follow these instructions here:

If you run into any problems or just have any questions, just get in touch. We'll be happy to help!

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