Your app asks me to login with my front store password when assigning products. I enter my shopify password and it doesn't work... What can I do?

There are three reasons why you might be getting this screen:

1) You have a Storefront Password enabled (it is NOT the same as your Shopify account password). You can find this password in Online Store > Preferences:

2) You are using Shopify's new "Pre-launch" page feature (which is currently NOT compatible while using our app). If this is the case, please switch to using an "Online Store Password", or disable it.

3) You have not opened Cross Sell from the Apps section of your store yet (this is necessary as some files get created upon first opening)

4) You might have switched themes, in which case, some files needed by our app may not be on your theme. To fix this please do the following:

    - log out from our app (top right)

    - delete your cache & temporary files from your browser

    - close your browser

    - open the Cross Sell app from the Apps section on your store. The problem should now be fixed.

If you are still getting this screen after doing any of the above, please get in touch with us.

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