How do I uninstall Cross Sell and stop billing?

Deleting the Cross Sell app from your store will stop and cancel your subscription immediately. That said, we highly recommend reading the rest of this article to avoid any issues or misunderstandings with billing, uninstalling and refunds. NOTE: if you're on our annual plan and wish to cancel, please get in touch at

Stopping Billing

If you uninstall Cross Sell before your next billing date (you can see this in our app's Account section), you will not get charged on your next payment. 


If you forget to uninstall before your next billing date or trial end date, we provide a grace period of 3 days, just make sure to contact us at so we can grant you a credit on your Shopify account.

If for whatever reason you need that refund credited directly to your credit card, you will have to request a refund for our app via Shopify Support -> 

Removing Cross Sell from your store & theme

If you're on version2 of our app (you can check this in our app's Account section), you only need to uninstall our app to disable our code. No removal of code will be needed.

If however you're on version1 of our app, you will need to remove this line of code from your cart & product templates to stop cross sells from showing:

{% include 'cross-sell' %}

It's possible you could have this line of code below instead, in which case, also remove it:

{% include 'cross-sell-custom' %}

If you run into problems, get in touch. 

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